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1 x 90’ for BBC One

The adaptation of JB Priestley’s timeless masterpiece was directed by BAFTA winner Aisling Walsh, with the cast headed by David Thewlis, Miranda Richardson and Ken Stott.

Set in 1912, in an industrial northern town, the taut and ultimately tragic story centres on the prosperous Birling family. Arthur Birling and his wife Sybil are celebrating the engagement of their daughter Shiela to Gerald Croft. But the Birlings’ festivities are punctured by a visit from the imposing Inspector Goole, who is investigating the suicide of a former factory worker of Mr Birling’s, Eva Smith. Goole’s investigation reveals hidden cruelties lying underneath the Birlings’ veneer of hard-won respectability and forces the Birlings to confront the consequences of their thoughtlessness and privilege.

The production won the Best Single Drama prize at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 2016. It has received a Broadcast Awards nomination and two BAFTA award nominations: for the show’s director, Aisling Walsh, and for its editing.